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Everything about MOVE! Idea Festival 2023

What is the MOVE! Ideas festival?

The MOVE! Ideas Festival is the entrepreneurial creative event of the Film University KONRAD WOLF and its partners. From November 30 to December 2, 2023, MOVE! Ideas Fest provides a platform for visionary minds and creative thinkers. The event kicks off with a one-day conference on Artificial Intelligence in Film, Media, and Creativity, featuring lectures, panel discussions, and case studies. Following this is the Ideas Jam 2023, our two-day team project competition. Teams will collaborate on projects, supported by experienced coaches, to develop new ideas and harness the power of innovation.

Where can I get tickets for Ideas Festival?

Tickets can be found here on Eventbrite.

I don't have a project idea. Can I still participate in Ideas Jam?

Yes! You don't need to submit your own project idea to participate in IDEAS JAM. You can sign up as an individual and join a project at the event. We are currently looking for creative and entrepreneurial individuals with skills such as business strategy, animation, writing, production, AI and VR, social media, and marketing. No specific expertise is required to join a team. Secure your spot at IDEAS JAM here and become a member of a team at the festival.

What do I have to do to participate in Ideas Festival?

MOVE! Ideas Festival in November is free of charge and open to everyone. 

The first step is: Get a free ticket on Eventbrite. Then we will contact you via email about the further process and ask you a few questions. E.g. if you want to work on your project or if you want to join one of the project teams. We plan to publish a selection of the projects before the event.

Can I attend the one-day conference without participating in IDEAS JAM?

Yes! You can register for the one-day conference on the Eventbrite here. 

How many people are in a team for IDEAS JAM?

Teams consist of a maximum of 5 people. There can be a maximum of two teams per project.

Does my project idea have to involve the use of AI?

Since the first day of the conference covers interesting topics related to AI, participating in the MOVE! Ideas Festival provides a great opportunity for those looking to explore how AI could support their business idea from a creative perspective. While we encourage creatives using or wanting to use AI to submit their project ideas, it is not a requirement.

Will participation be rewarded with ECTS?

For students at the Film University, 2 ECTS credits are provided in the free study. In the case of submitting additional project-related work within the winter semester 2023/24, it is possible to receive up to 3 additional ECTS. Students from other universities are also welcome to participate in the MOVE! Ideas Fest. For ECTS credit, students can contact their program office to assess ECTS eligibility. If there are difficulties, you or your program office can contact us anytime!

How much entrepreneurial knowledge do I need to bring?

None. We explicitly do NOT require a startup. It's about networking, doing, and training creativity based on your own project ideas. So don't hesitate...

Is there a secure area for my ideas?

Is your idea already advanced, or do you want to bring a team to work in a separate (protected) space? Contact us, and we'll advise you on how that can be done!

Unfortunately, I can only attend part of the event. Can I still register?

Yes, this is possible! Please get in touch with us in this case.



If you have further questions or other feedback, please send us an email via the contact below with the subject "Inquiry Ideas Festival".

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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