MOVE! Ideenfest 2022- ENG

Onboarding for projects

All about onboarding for film university students at MOVE! Ideas Festival 2022

Dear Film University Project Maker,

Below you will find information about your project submission and participation in the MOVE Ideas Festival 2022. Check which steps you have already taken and complete the rest by 30.09.2022.

We are looking forward to you,

Your MOVE! Ideas Festival Team

Andreea, Daniel, Sabrina

Important: Want to present a project at the Ideas Festival but don't want to work on it? Register it anyway and check out our FAQ below.

You don't want to present a project at the Ideas Festival, but you want to participate? Please register as a participant via Eventbrite and look at our FAQ for participants.

Step 1

Check out the FAQ for project owners below.

If you have any questions, please send an email to ANDREEA: andreea-cristina.mircea(at)

Step 2

Formulation of your project "challenge".

Your project challenges should be formulated as a "WKW" or "How-might-we?" question. You can find some input on the "How might we?" method here. 

Book an appointment with Daniel for your project "challenge" if you want to have a consultation about your topic or the question formulation.

Step 3

Are you ready to bring in your project and a challenge? Great. Below you will find the project registration:

After registration, you will receive a registration code for your project ticket on Eventbrite. In addition, 2 to 3 emails for preparation. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

To the project submission

Step 4

Use your voucher code and get your MOVE! Ideas Festival ticket(s) on Eventbrite?

Maximum 3 tickets per team. Tickets are available here at Eventbrite.

FAQ f. ProjektOwner

Do you have further questions?

Contact ANDREEA via email at

What is expected of my participation?

You will present your project and challenge to other students, ideally in English, on Friday during our short presentation slot. With the call for collaboration, you open your project to participants of all study programs. Afterwards, as a challenge-giver, you will participate in the 2.5 days as a regular workshop member.

Do I receive credit points as a student?

Yes, as a Film University student, you will receive two credit points in free teaching if you attend the entire course.

What requirements must my project idea meet to be processed?

Your project idea should be artistically, socially or entrepreneurially exciting or relevant and can be told in three minutes (e.g. according to the principle problem-solution-added value). You can upload three short slides to your challenge and ask for feedback if you like. Click here to register for the project.

Is it possible to register as a (project) team?

Yes, of course. You can participate with three people, but agree that in the context of the MOVE! Ideas Festival, other participants* will be able to work on your ideas. Register your project here without obligation.

What requirements must my Challenge meet at the Ideas Festival?

It must be told in two minutes and formulated as a "WKW" question, and it must be possible to collaborate with third parties on short notice.

How many people are working on my project?

Teams consist of a maximum of five people. A maximum of two groups are possible per project.

Can I get to know the coaches beforehand or choose them?

There will be a get-to-know date via Zoom with the projects and the coaches about two weeks before the event. You will receive information about this via email accordingly beforehand.

Can I also "only" present my project?

Yes, but only if you participate in the 2.5 days. Register the project and write a short message in the question section.

In which language will the MOVE! Ideas Festival take place?

International students welcome! The MOVE! Ideas Festival is bilingual, i.e. the contributions of our speakers will be held in English. In the teams you can decide individually in which language you would like to communicate.

How much time do I need to allow?

The Ideas Festival is a three-day event, including some evening programs on Friday OR Saturday. To get the most out of the event, we recommend that you participate in the day program on all three days. We start at 9.30 am and end at 5 pm.

Is participation compensated with ECTS?

For the participants of the students of the Film University, the receipt of 2 ECTS in the free study is foreseen. If further work is submitted in the winter semester, it is possible to receive up to two additional ECTS. Participants from other universities should, in any case, contact their study program office with the request to check the ECTS eligibility or to get in contact with us.

Can I get credit for participation in the Film University's free study program? 

The MOVE! Ideas Festival is offered as an independent study event and can be credited with 2 ECTS. In the context of creative self-study training, two additional ECTS are possible in the winter semester. 

Is there a protected area for my ideas?

Your idea is already advanced or you want to bring a team to work in your own (protected) space? Contact us and we will advise you how this can happen!



Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback:


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