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Everything about MOVE! Idea Festival 2022

What is the MOVE! Ideas festival?

The MOVE! Ideas Festival is the universities' entrepreneurial, creative event. Students from different disciplines and universities come together with professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs to work together on their entrepreneurial projects and ideas. As students of the participating universities, you will receive support to give your project ideas the right boost—three days of keynotes, workshops, and input from coaches and our mentors.

How does the Move! Ideas Festival work?

The Move! Ideas Festival takes place over three days (November 11-13) with different focuses. Day 1 is the get-to-know-you and Creativity Day. After getting to know the participants and selected projects, you will give free rein to your creativity in changing teams and learn how to let ideas develop. 

Day 2 is dedicated to cross-university teamwork as Idea Sprint Day. Work on your own or selected project ideas and get input from coaches and mentors. In the evening, we celebrate together what has been achieved. 

On the third day, the Idea Presentation Day, your ideas will get the final polish for the presentation. As a farewell, you will receive feedback from us on originality and feasibility and possibilities for further support.

What do I have to do to participate in the Ideas Festival?

The Ideas Festival in November is free of charge for students and alums of the participating universities. These are:

Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Saarland University.

The first step is: Get a free ticket on Eventbrite. Then we will contact you via email about the further process and ask you a few questions. E.g. if you want to work on your project or if you want to join one of the project teams. We plan to publish a selection of the projects in mid-September.

Are the events free of charge for me?

The MOVE! Ideas Festival is free, but individual universities may charge a small participation fee. More information will follow shortly. For the MOVE! Ideas Festival at the Film University, all you need to do is book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

What does MOVE! Idea Festival online & on-site?

The Move! Idea Fest is a hybrid event made for interdisciplinary teams in three locations. You have the opportunity to work and network together at SRH Berlin, Saarland University, and Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. For cross-school teams, workspaces for collaboration via Zoom or similar are available.

I already bring a project idea. Is that possible?

Of course, we look forward to seeing you. And the best thing is that at the Ideas Festival, your idea will find the best breeding ground through our coaches, mentors, like-minded people, and fellow campaigners. Register your project here without obligation, and we will contact you for further steps.

Is it possible to register as a (project) team?

Good question. Yes, of course. By doing so, you agree to let other participants work on your ideas. Register your project here without obligation.

I already have a project idea. Can I bring it?

Good question. Yes, of course. However, you agree to let other participants work on your ideas at the Ideas Festival. Please let us know in advance that you would like to work with an existing team so we can respond to your needs in the best possible way.

What happens after booking the ticket?

After booking the ticket, we will contact you with an offer for an individual consultation, which you can take advantage of if you wish. After that, we will send you further information and tips for the MOVE! Ideas Festival 2022.

In which language will the MOVE! Ideas Festival take place?

International students are welcome! The MOVE! Ideas Festival is bilingual, i.e. the contributions of our speakers will be held in English. In the teams, you can decide individually which language you want to communicate.

How much time do I have to plan?

The Ideas Festival is a three-day event, including some evening programs on Friday OR Saturday. To get the most out of the event, we recommend that you participate in the day program on all three days. We start at 9.30 am and end at 5 pm.

Will the participation be compensated with ECTS?

For the participants of the students of the Film University, the receipt of 2 ECTS in the free study is foreseen. If further work is submitted in the winter semester, it is possible to receive up to two additional ECTS. Participants from other universities should, in any case, contact their study program office with the request to check the ECTS eligibility or to get in contact with us.

Can I receive credit for participating in Film University's independent study program?

The MOVE! Ideas Festival is offered as a Freies Studium event and can be credited with 2 ECTS. Two additional ECTS are possible in the winter semester as part of a creative self-study course. 

Unfortunately, I can only attend part of the event. Can I still register?

Yes, this is possible! Please get in touch with us in this case.


None. We are explicitly NOT an event that requires a foundation. We're all about networking, making, and training creativity based on your project ideas. So don't be shy...


Is your idea already advanced, or do you want to bring a team to work in your own (protected) space? Contact us, and we will advise you how this can happen!



If you have further questions or other feedback, please send us an email via the contact below with the subject "Inquiry Ideas Festival".

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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