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Move! Ideas Festival


Friday, Saturday, Monday 1.|2.|4. OCTOBER 2021

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For Techies!

At Move!I deenfest, creative minds meet student coders, developers, engineers and scientists and work together on ideas for the world of tomorrow.

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For idea newbies and creative adventurers

Learn to develop original ideas and acquire future skills for your professional career. Start your journey of ideas with us.

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Coaching | Mentoring | Jury-Feedback

For future business owners

Develop your creative skills and glean new ideas and insights as you develop your business idea

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International students welcome!

​ For Movers!

We believe in the beauty of diversity. Therefore, our program is bilingual and we are open to students of any background, gender and mindset. English language skills are encouraged;).

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#Move! Business for Teams

Make your business idea original and viable. Our coaches, mentors and participants will help you do just that.

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Idea generation in 3 tracks | Idea generation in 3 disciplines

#Move! Society

Work on what really motivates you! Work on your projects or develop completely new ideas in the areas of #arts&culture #society #business.

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Creativity meets technology meets WOW!

#Move! Arts&Culture

What can technology and current social and economic trends do for your project or idea? And what are the pitfalls? Get advice from practitioners and experts in their fields: from blockchain to artificial intelligence, from green production to gamification, from sustainability to diversity.

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Create your future network

Meet with students, coaches and mentors from 8+ disciplines. Unleash your idea potential by collaborating with people from art and design, social sciences, business, engineering, and software development.

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Wherever you are: Visit us on site or online!

Our locations

Meet & Match with students, mentors and coaches at our three locations: Berlin, Potsdam and Saarbrücken. Combine the benefits of online and on site!

Say Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!

Our Farewell-Trailer 2021

Our three-day "Idea Makeathon"

The event for networking, developing ideas and gaining experience

Join us on friday, saturday & monday, 1st, 2nd & 4th of October 2021

The Move IdeaFest 2021 is a cross-disciplinary 3-day creative training and matching event. The development of creative as well as entrepreneurial competencies and the implementation of these in innovative, socially relevant project ideas is the goal of this event.

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For Whom?

For students, scientists, founders and people interested in founding a company as well as early-stage start-up teams from technology, IT, natural and social sciences as well as creative people from media, design and the arts.

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SAP-Challenge-participate and win the SAP Jury prize

Learning = Fun?! Design a creative and inspiring learning experience for students, in the hybrid world of 2025 driven by the technology of SAP.

Developing project ideas in a different way

Are you studying and dealing with technical, artistic, social or entrepreneurial topics? You would like to develop a project and are looking for inspiration and feedback from other disciplines? Join the Move! summer of ideas and the Move! Ideas Festival, find fellow students and mentors for your topic, develop your idea at the Ideas Festival from October 1 to 4 and present it to mentors from society, the arts and business.

As part of the Summer of Ideas and the IdeaFest, you can (further) develop your fixed idea with like-minded and different-minded people and rehearse for crowdfunding. #MOVEsociety #MOVEbusiness #MOVEculture. More info on our Instagram channel.

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3 days workshop event

Large national hybrid event with 8 participating universities. Active matching of interdisciplinary teams of techies and creatives. Mentors from entrepreneurship, design, IT and sustainability.

    • Free

    • For students

      • Now Open: Summer of Ideas, July to September: Creative self-training, getting to know each other, online & offline events and impulse lectures by mentor*s.
      • Ideas Festival: three-day creative festival with idea makers, coaches and mentors with a practical focus.
      • Fri. 1.10. Topics and idea finding/team matching (online)
      • Sa: 2.10. Turn your idea into something tangible (on location and online)
      • So: 3.10. Break (interviews/ music/ fun)
      • Mo: 4.10. Pitching/ feedback from mentors/ award
      • 100+ peers from eight universities and partner organizations, among others.
      • Getting to know makers from society, science, design and media and business
      • Present own projects in the supporting program of the media partners
      • Feedback on feasibility and financing options
      • cross-university follow-up of your ideas
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Original student projects wanted

Have you developed a project in college that you want to take to the next level?

For the Move! IdeaFest, we are looking for original student projects in the fields of media, technology, art and culture, and social engagement to present to our mentors. Present yourself on our platform, get feedback and find potential team members. Selected projects will be presented via audio and video. We are looking forward to your submissions. Feel free to contact us.

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You have questions?

Maybe we already have an answer for you. If not, feel free to contact us!

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A cooperation of the start-up services of the following universities and colleges

  • bbw University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
  • Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
  • Free University Berlin
  • HBKsaar
  • Trier University of Applied Sciences
  • SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  • Saarland University
  • weißensee university of art berlin

and with the kind support of Tampere University

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For questions and feedback

Gründungsservice der Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, Haus 6
14482 Potsdam

Our coaches & mentors

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    Kevin Baum

    Kevin Baum is a computer scientist, philosopher and a research associate at Saarland University. He is currently conducting research in the Explainability Intelligent System (EIS) project. He designed the award-winning lecture Ethics for Nerds, is a member of the Ethical Review Board of the Department of Computer Science, vice-chair of the Commission for the Ethics of Security-Relevant Research (KEF) at Saarland University, and member of the non-profit association Algoright e.V., the think tank for good digitalization.

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    Stefan Behrendt

    Stefan has been a Design Thinking Coach at SAP for over 10 years. He coaches there in workshops of all types and sizes, develops his own innovation formats and regularly trains new Design Thinking coaches. Another passion of his is visualization. As a (visual) facilitator, he uses visualization wherever it is valuable, gives trainings for visualization and accompanies events as a graphic recorder.

    Stefan also works as a coach and trainer for appreciative communication and self-care. Since last year, he is also involved in New Work and Life Centered Design initiatives at SAP.

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    Pia Beyer-Wunsch

    Pia Beyer-Wunsch (M.A.) works as a project manager at the University of Ulm for the joint project StartupSüd. Among other things, she leads the courses for PhDs and postdocs to raise awareness of the topic of entrepreneurship in scientific environments. She is also responsible for the start-up topics in the fields of BioTech and MedTech.

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    André Biener

    André Biener works at SAP in the area of University Alliances and is responsible director for the cooperation with all partner universities and partner colleges in Germany. With his background in marketing, communication and business, he has additionally been active for many years as a coach and mentor for founders of social enterprises, as a lecturer as well as a freelance systemic consultant.

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    Jessica Boehrs

    Born in 1980, has been working as an actress for 28 years. She has already worked internationally as a presenter and singer and devotes her free time to photo art with a focus on street art and architecture. The Potsdam native is interested in modern techniques of film work, creative approaches to work psychology, real estate, travel and culinary arts.

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    Linda Breitlauch

    Linda Breitlauch is Professor of Intermedia Games at Trier University and Chief Creative Officer at Skilltree GmbH, a company she co-founded.Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch initially studied business administration before completing a degree in film and television dramaturgy at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) in Babelsberg.

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    Dominik Britz

    Dominik Britz, a materials scientist from Saarbrücken, covers the entire value chain of materials engineering through his activities - basic research as post-doctoral group leader "Steel- and Iron-based Materials" at the Chair of Functional Materials, transfer to industry through the Transfer Center "Material Engineering Center Saarland" and, most recently, as founder and CEO of SurFunction GmbH for the industrial application of a patented surface functionalization using lasers.

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    Jana-Katharina Burnikel

    Jana-Katharina Burnikel works as a research assistant at Saarland University. In this role, she writes her doctoral thesis on the representations of AI in anglophone fiction.
    She is also a sidepreneur, currently launching a startup together with two colleagues that focuses on sustainable shower products.
    Prior to this, she worked as a startup consultant and as a mentor for entrepreneurship.

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    Christian Byrge

    Christian Byrge, PhD, is professor of creativity as well as associate professor of entrepreneurial creativity. He received his PhD for his research on fostering creativity in education and in business and public institutions.

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    Patrick Cornelius

    Patrick has been working for SAP for 16 years in various software development roles. He supports development projects in the classic roles of developer, QM and DevOps engineer. Furthermore, he works in the agile environment as Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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    Steffen Dehn

    Steffen Dehn works as a freelance consultant and certified agile coach (Design Thinking & Scrum) at the interface of sustainability and innovation management.
    In his projects, Steffen Dehn develops approaches to how digitization can be used efficiently in the context of sustainability.

    Portfolio Item

    Carmel Finnan

    A native of Ireland, Dr Carmel Finnan studied literature and cultural studies in Munich and Berlin.
    After working in academia in Ireland for almost 2 decades, she decided to start a new career as a freelancer. This time, she put her love for literature and communication into practice in her role as a Communication & Storytelling consultant for self-employed professionals and SMEs.

    She currently lives in Berlin.

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    Frederik Fischer

    The Neulandia CEO grew up in a village, spent his childhood in a small town and then moved into the big wide world. He studied media science and economics in Hanover, Aarhus, Amsterdam, London and Washington, and has co-founded several startups in Berlin.

    Portfolio Item

    Dr. Joann Halpern

    Dr. Joann Halpern is the director of the Hasso Plattner Institute, New York, an adjunct professor of International Education at New York University, and a Design Thinking coach. She regularly conducts Designing Your Life and Design Thinking workshops in the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Dr. Halpern was the founding director of the German Center for Research and Innovation, New York and a recipient of the Harvard University Award for Distinction in Teaching. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Dartmouth College, her Master’s Degree from Harvard University, and her PhD from New York University.

    Portfolio Item

    Fenja Jensen

    Fenja Jensen has an academic background in business communication and a degree in design thinking from the D.School of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. For more than five years, she has accompanied, advised and coached interdisciplinary teams in innovation processes.

  • Portfolio Item

    Jannik Jost

    Jannik is a start-up consultant at FITT, the technology transfer institute of htw saar. As a mechanical engineer with his own start-up experience, he is primarily the contact person for technical start-up projects, but is also very happy to be inspired by social and sustainable ideas.

    Portfolio Item

    Nils Karn

    Nils Karn is part of the Find-A-Prof-Team as well as lecturer for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the International University (UI) in Berlin. Inspiring researchers and students to take the startup founding journey as an alternative way to the 9 to 5 company jobs is his mission.

    Portfolio Item

    Jörn Krug

    The media scientist Jörn Krug heads the start-up service of the Babelsberg Film University as well as the MOVE2startup project. He is the contact person for all questions about entrepreneurship at the university. Jörn Krug supports students, alumni and academic staff...

  • Portfolio Item

    Christian Lander

    The computer scientist with a doctorate works at SAP in the area of customer-specific development and is a senior software architect there.
    The topic of innovative technologies (AR, VR) and their use with SAP software is one of his main areas of interest.
    He is also involved in the area of university coopertation, especially the use of SAP technology in teaching.

    Portfolio Item

    Norbert Lang

    As an agile psychologist, Norbert Lang accompanies teams in mastering transformative challenges and passionately combines systemic work with the designer mindset. He is also a start-up consultant for social entrepreneurs in the Social Innovator Hesse.

    Portfolio Item

    Silke Lieser

    Silke Lieser develops sustainable brand identities in the context of the increasingly large target group of strategic consumers. In order to contribute to the sustainability shift, she founded the agency GEGENPOL 10 years ago, having previously worked for various international brands for more than 15 years.

  • Portfolio Item

    Lisa Lill-Kochems

    After Lisa left the academic environment with a Master of Science in Media Informatics, she worked in a startup herself. She has now been working in the startup area at Trier University for more than two years.

    Portfolio Item

    Anett Lommatzsch

    I have been working as a consultant, coach and trainer in the start-up scene in Berlin and Brandenburg since 2011. I work in organizational development for small and medium-sized companies. My core competence lies in the strategic planning of projects and companies.

    Portfolio Item

    Michael Metzger

    The founder of the D.Network is convinced that more curiosity is needed in the world so that people can move forward together. That's why the consultant's formats whet people's appetites. His texts, presentations and workshops inform, raise questions and inspire.

  • Portfolio Item

    Daniel Nauck

    Daniel Nauck (M.A.), Grimme Online Award winner, is the project developer for MOVE! Festival of ideas at the Film University Potsdam Babelsberg. As a former founder, management consultant for innovation and marketing and business & marketing coach, he has accompanied numerous development and change projects, particularly in the creative and media sectors.

    Portfolio Item

    Norman Nemitz

    Norman is a freelance design thinking and lean startup coach and facilitator. He is passionate about playful collaboration, co-creation and innovation - including in the digital space.

    Portfolio Item

    Sigrid Peuker

    Sigrid Peuker, M.A., communication scientist, born 1957, is the director of the SRH Start-up Lab Berlin. She is a lecturer, trainer, consultant and moderator. She has many years of experience in building up new business fields and introducing new techniques, workflows and structures in companies and organizations.

  • Portfolio Item

    André Presse

    Professor of Entrepreneurship. Director of the Grenke Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies. From 2015 to 2017 junior professor at the University of Bolzano. 2014 to 2015 as junior professor (adjunct) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 2013 to 2014 as a visiting scholar at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) at Yale University.

    Portfolio Item

    Frederic Raber

    Dr. Frederic Raber is a AI expert is a senior researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and consortium leader of the Regional Future Center for AI and Digital Transformation Saarland Rhineland-Palatinate (RZzKI).

    Portfolio Item

    Marc Schickhaus

    Marc Schickhaus has been Business Development Manager at CISPA Gründungsinkubator since September 2020. There he supervises and advises the teams regarding ideation, marketing and sales strategy, fundings, workshops & training and does everything for their success. His background is in marketing & business development and he has already worked in business model development for an international engineering company. He is currently founding a startup in the field of sustainable shower cosmetics with 2 team colleagues.

  • Portfolio Item

    Benedikt Schnellbächer

    Benedikt Schnellbächer is Junior Professor for Digital Transformation and Start-ups at Saarland University. He researches how digital technologies can transform our society and make us fit to cope with digital, ecological or social challenges. In this way, he contributes to actively shaping our future, because the digital transformation in our society as well as in countless companies worldwide is in full swing.

    Portfolio Item

    Mara Schuler-Bermann

    Mara Schuler-Bermann is a molecular biologist and just lately transformed from an academic researcher into a project scout and start-up consultant at the Kontaktstelle für Wissens- und Technologietransfer (KWT) at the Saarland University.

    Portfolio Item

    Mélissa Thélusmon

    Mélissa is a native of Gabon and studied translation-interpretation at Saarland University. She has worked in various industries, including projects that have a strong commitment to migrants. This has also enabled her to realize that she would particularly like to support migrant women, as she herself has a similar story and knows about the possible hurdles of migration. So she wants to give back a little bit of what she has learned on her own way. She speaks French, German as well as English and is a coach and systemic consultant. Since August 2021 she is the owner of Workspace (3RAUM) in Saarbrücken.

  • Portfolio Item

    Hannes Trettin

    Co-Founder, Lecturer, Speaker and Podcaster "Projectbay". The co-working living space “Project Bay” is the new beacon of digitization in northern Germany. The establishment as an important technology hub should not only attract well-known companies and corporations from the areas of travel tech, mobility ...

    Portfolio Item

    Stefanie Valcic-Manstein

    Stefanie Valcic-Manstein, start-up consultant and coach for newcomers at Fitt gGmbH in Saarbrücken.

    She brings her own experience as an entrepreneur over 12 years in coaching and process support for companies and executives...

    Portfolio Item

    Paul Weber

    Paul Weber is a creative engineer, innovation master, remote innovation facilitator, systemic coach and jazz guitarist. He is an innovator with passion, business developer with system and empathic coach with heart. With management, project and leadership experience from 30 years of practice in renowned companies.

  • Portfolio Item

    Adrian Wegener

    Adrian Wegener is a founder and designer who has received several awards from the German government, the EU and the UN. As founder of Eye Build It GmbH, which is active in the field of "digital inclusion", he creates the lighthouse project "Eye Build It Creator" - an eye-driven creative program for people with disabilities. Adrian is also chairman of the board of gamesAHEAD e.V. the industry association of the extended games industry in South-West Germany.

    Portfolio Item

    Markus Welter

    Markus Welter is a computer science graduate of UdS and has worked in various software development roles throughout his long SAP history.

    Portfolio Item

    Dorothee Wiebe

    Dorothee Wiebe ist Sozialwissenschaftlerin mit Gründer-Genen. Sie hat selbst vier Startups und viele bunte Ideen in die Welt gebracht. Sie ist agile Organisationsentwicklerin, Inovation-Coach, leidenschaftliche Moderatorin, Design Thinking Facilitator und Spezialistin für Kommunikation und (Business-)Botschaften mit 20 Jahre Erfahrung als Geschäftsführerin einer Kommunikations- und Marketingagentur.